HP is Brining Windows 7 Back, Macobserver Reports

“Which brings us to the crux of the problem, Microsoft. The company designed Windows 8 not to be a great desktop operating system, and not even to be a great touch-based operating system. Instead it was designed to get Microsoft’s customers to do what Microsoft wanted them to do, which is to use the same operating system on the desktop and their tablets.  The result is an operating system that is good on neither the desktop or a touch tablet, and customers are responding by buying other things, namely iOS and Android devices.”

Yes, Windows 8 suffers from what I call the futon syndrome.  You’re twenty years old and you think to yourself, it’s a couch AND a bed, what a deal, and it takes you a few years to realize it’s such a lousy bed and such a lousy couch it’s really neither.  Windows 8 is like that.  For all the software they have made over the years, they lack any real experience building software in a competitive environment where users have choices.  It’s as if they said, ‘people won’t like this at first, but they’ll get the hang of it.’  Sure, but they also might go buy something else.
I hope Microsoft gets its act together, because as much as I LOVE my Mac, I’d hate to see what happens to those nice folks up in Cupertino should they live in a world where they have no real competitor and are in a position to force us all to learn how to use what they think we ought to want.
And also, I can’t wait to see what happens with the inevitably converging product lines of MacBook Air and iPad Air.  Just looking at the 11″ MacBook Air and the iPad Air next to one another would cause one to wonder why the MacBook doesn’t run iOS or why the iPad doesn’t run OS X.  Let’s hope they take their time and get it right.  Microsoft may have just proven that being first isn’t always best.