Scott Hanselman’s Blog is Dope.  Yes Dope. You heard me. Get past it.

Then do yourself a favor and check it out. While careful to disassociate his blog from his employer, he claims to have “written software you have used,” which is a pretty bold statement but entirely possible if you work for Microsoft and were around twenty years ago in the right place at the right time. Scott brags, “I speak, code, write, empower, promote, braid, learn and listen – usually not in that order.”

Scott Hanselman

I found it while looking for help installing Plex on my Synology NAS and it was not hard to tell this fellow has a gift for grasping highly technical concepts and communicating them clearly and interestingly. Check it out: www.hanselman.com. My favorite post is 32 Ways to Keep Your Blog from Sucking. I am happy to say I already do three of those things.