The Autocorrect that came with iOS 8 has me a little confused.
Why correct “laying the ground work,” “to laying the foundation” in real time while I type? Who the heck are you and what’s it to you? It would have been enough for you to have recognized that it should have been ‘groundwork’ (one word instead of two) and I don’t mean to sound like a brat about it. ┬áTruly my iPhone 5 is a masterpiece that does wonderful things for such a small handheld device.
But does it know something I do not when I type the word could and corrects it to couldn’t?
Why does it correct Were to We’re? Seriously?
Why does it have such a strong opinion about whether I mean Ahhhh instead of the Shhhh that I typed.
Why does it think I mean Marie and not Mario?

The ‘e’ is on the other side of the keyboard and I text Mario all the time and don’t know anyone named Marie.

I mean I get typos and unrecognized slang and correcting it to the wrong thing. But it once changed grateful to fearful.