I spent the entire day in Tech West and focused primarily on Health and Fitness Technology. I will have videos posted on four of these and more to come, but here’s a rundown of the things I found interesting and a few comments on each before I head over to the show for Day 2:


This is my second best find so far this show. The best is a flying machine that will literally blow your mind and it’s just too much to get into right now. Let’s just say it’s as cool as this only instead of running you are flying. So stay tuned and check out the coolest new game controller that just happens to come with a treadmill and literally makes you run for your life.  Run for Your Life with GameRunner and CEO Joy Garner


Fitbit is generally recognized as the brand leader in wearable fitness tracking and their new Blaze smart watch was drawing quite a lot of attention. I just bought the Surge. My focus was on the differences between the two and the best I came up with is that it Surge has a GPS and the Blaze is lighter, cheaper, has more style options but does not have a GPS. Please do not be too concerned about the lack of a GPS, it will use the one in your smart phone. Watch this and check back for more specifics on this feature.  FitBit Blaze v. Surge (To GPS or not?)


About the only problem I have with Fitbit is that I use an iPhone and they do not support Apple’s HealthKit which makes it inconvenient to use other fitness devices.  Why Fitbit? Why? iFit supports Healthkit and generally works and plays well with others including personal trainers who want to go beyond just knowing how many steps you had on a given day. Their software provides detailed recommendations on the interrelationship between these analytics and your diet, sleep etc. and what’s even more impressive is that they have a certification program for Personal Trainers who prescribe iFit products to their clients and gives them a portal to administer customized diet, training and lifestyle regiments for their clients.  This is smart. People who hire trainers are serious about their fitness and do what their told. Personal Trainers are exactly the kinds of Mavens everyone in this product category should be courting. What Makes iFit Special


iHealth makes great products for blood pressure, glucose, pulse and oxygen saturation monitoring and more. I own and use several of their products personally and I had to stop by and hear the latest from them.  Listen as their Marketing Manager Molly Ortiz talks about their new products and some innovative applications in public safety.  Watch iHealth
I am outta time for now, so check back and I will try and get caught up what I learned at booths of:
  • Under Armour
  • WonderCube
  • VideoStitch
  • ShotTracker