Two Words People: Dealer. Dolls.

Here’s what To Do:

    • Click the Link
    • Buy the tix
    • Support the Kids
    • Try to keep the bowling ball in your own lane
    • Play at my table in Poker I am easy to beat and no I am not just saying that ask anyone there.  It’s a very well deserved reputation.
Twenty Five Years.  That’s how long we’ve know each other.
  • Tell everyone you know

Seriously people I’ve gone to every single one of the previous seven; it gets better and better every year, never more so than the year I stopped trying to help produce it.  So now it’s twice the fun.

Okay.  Do NOT play at her table.  Unless it’s a school
night for you and you need to be in bed by 9.

And it benefits a truly, truly great youth center in South Los Angeles known as A Place Called Home.  You really ought to do yourself a favor and check this place out one day.  Just call down there and make an appointment or contact me and I’ll meet up with you there.  Some of these kids just need a chance, a role model, a tutor, a safe place where there won’t be any weapons or gangs to just be kids for a little while.

That’s me with The Doll That Started it All

So people, have fun, but remember, it’s not about the bowling, or the Dealer Dolls, the drink tickets, or the poker, the Laker Girls or the Dealer Dolls, the great food or cash bar upstairs that serves three kinds of Single Malt Scotch Whisky, one of which has an awesome Sherry Oak finish that just won’t quit or the Dealer Dolls or the music or any of that. Really. Sure, in years past you might have seen Cee-Lo Green, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Tedder, Mark Wahlberg, Jonah Hill, Howie Mandel, Penny Marshall, or the Dealer Dolls, but do it for the kids. I mean it.

Two Words.  Laker.  Girls.